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NotifyNOW!™ is a telephone and email notification system that allows businesses, educational institutions, sports teams, religious organizations and social clubs to deliver important news/information to members, employees, contractors, clients and/or customers quickly, efficiently and inexpensively.

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  1. Is any special equipment needed to offer and use NotifyNOW™?

    No. Announcements can be made from any touchtone telephone - including cell phones.


  2. Our budget is always tight. How much does NotifyNOW™ cost?

    The price to set up NotifyNOW™ is a one time fee of $100. After that, you pay 15¢ per minute for any minutes you use each month. You are billed monthly and expected to pay within 30 days.


  3. How often can the service be used?

    You have unlimited use of the NotifyNOW™ service for announcements. Just keep in mind that the system will lose its effectiveness if it is over-used. The information should be important enough that it needs to be delivered immediately.


  4. When can the service be used?

    NotifyNOW™ is available for use 24/7. We recommend that emergency messages be sent as soon as information is available. For non-emergency reminders, messages can be recorded at your convenience and scheduled for delivery at any time.


  5. How do announcements reach constituents?

    After a company official records and sends the NotifyNOW™ announcement, contact phone numbers are immediately called with the recorded voice message. You can have multiple numbers for each contact, such as home phone and cell phone. However, the phone numbers must be direct dial numbers. You can not dial work numbers or hotel numbers that have extensions.


  6. What if no one is home to receive the announcement?

    If there is no answer, the announcement will be left on voice mail or an answering machine.  When there is no answering machine or voice mail service, NotifyNOW™ will redial every fifteen minutes for up to three attempts.


  7. Can NotifyNOW™ be used in addition to other means now being used to communicate with constituents?

    Yes. You are encouraged to continue using other traditional means to reach constituents.  NotifyNOW™ is a valuable complement to existing methods as it can reach constituents more quickly and in more ways.


  8. If an employee's phone number is protected by a privacy manager program (call blocking service) will announcements get through?

    Yes, but only if the call blocking service is programmed to accept calls from your organization™. On Caller ID, NotifyNOW™ calls will always display your organization's phone number as the originating number of the call.


  9. Can we assure constituents that their account information, phone numbers and email addresses will be secure and that confidential information will not be shared with third parties?

    Yes. We have a strict privacy policy. Be assured that personal information is secure and, under no circumstances, will phone numbers or email addresses be shared with third parties.


  10. How are sub-lists setup?

    Employee primary numbers are exported from the an existing database as a text file and emailed to NotifyNOW™ for loading. Easy-to-follow instructions are provided on how to do this, and the NotifyNOW™ support staff can help if there are questions. Once your lists are imported, you will be given login information that will allow you to add phone contacts, delete contacts and create up to 99 sublists. Just login and follow the simple instructions. Each contact can have up to 4 phone numbers and 4 email addresses for emergency announcements. Once a sublist is set up, they can be called at any time just like the main emergency list. 


  11. Can we select which constituents are contacted when we send a message?

    Yes. You can send messages to just the people you are trying to contact or to everyone on your list. It is up to you to decide who needs to get your announcement.